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Outline of the Social Experience Tour

Tours will not be held from December 27 to March 2019.
For new hosting of social experiments, we will inform you again on our website.
(Planned to be published around March 2019)

Outline of the Tour

First time ever in Japan! social experience tours at national disaster prevention facilities provided by the Public Administered Tour System, which nurtures the world's best sightseeing resources through public-private tie-ups, are at last scheduled to start in August, 2018!
Opening Times
Daily from August 01 (Wednesday) 2018 to December 26 (Wednesday) 2018
※Also open on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays
※Note that there are days which tours are not held owing to facility inspections, etc. Check the web reservation page for further details.
Tour Times
Seven tours per day (10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00)
※Tours take approximately 50 minutes
Participant Capacity
50 participants per tour (advance reservations required)
650 yen per person (including tax)
※Same fee for adults and children (pre-payment required at the time of reservation)
※Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult. (1 adult can accompany with children up to 5.)
※From the viewpoint on safety, children aged 5 and under are not allowed, even though they are accompanied by their parent.

New Challenges

Challenge #1: First time ever in Japan! The challenge of providing sightseeing tours in enormous infrastructural facilities
The Public Administered Tour System has been adopted.
The tour system administered by the state up until now has been completely revised.
Tours guided by a group of full-time professional drainage channel guides known as Underground Shrine Concierges.
→ Click here for details of the tours
Challenge #2: Participant capacity drastically increased five-fold
Operations and tours are also available on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
We have also more than doubled the number of tours that take place every day.
The previous monthly participant capacity of approximately 2,300 people has been drastically increased to around 10,000 people.
Challenge #3: A tour course covering a gigantic shaft has been newly added. * Not previously open to the public
The No.1 bank has been newly opened and added to the tour course.
This is an enormous cylindrical disaster-prevention facility into which the space shuttle or Statue of Liberty can easily be accommodated.
(Depth 70m x Diameter 30m)
→ Click here for details of the tours
Challenge #4: A multi-lingual application in three languages available
Enlarge image (PDF file: 975KB)
The multi-lingual application provides guidance
in three languages (English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)).
The voice guidance and photographs will enable you to learn more
about Japan's disaster-prevention technologies.
Challenge #5: New AR contents available!
Enlarge image(PDF file:822KB)
AR contents enabling pseudo experiences of the scenes in pressure-adjusting water tank as flood waters flow in, which realistically cannot be seen under normal circumstances,
are now available.
In addition, scenes of flood waters flowing into underground tunnels and inflow banks, which are not included in the tour course, are also available via narrated videos.
Challenge #6: Only during flooding! Special tour plans that are limited to when the facilities are operational (*) are also available.
Tours used to be cancelled when the facilities were operating, but we are now offering special opportunities to see underground rivers when facilities are operating at the start of the tours (*) in order to enable you to fully understand the disaster-prevention functions available.
→ Click here for details of the tours
Challenge #7: The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel sightseeing resources turned into a brand!
Special logo developed
Original Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel goods developed
The development of a wide range of goods is scheduled to revitalize the local economy
Tour gift of Disaster Prevention Underground Shrine cards available.
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